The pilots union at

American Airlines


said on Sunday that it has offered the carrier $660 million a year in concessions, as sought by management.

The world's largest carrier could file for bankruptcy protection in the next week.

On Friday, the 26,000 member of the flight attendants union offered $340 million in concessions.

AMR, the airline's parient, still is looking for a deal with 16,200 mechanics represented by the Transport Workers Union.

"These concessions are primarily concentrated in proposed work rule changes and across-the-board pay rate reductions," the pilots' statement said.

Many of the nation's airlines, still reeling from the after-effects of Sept. 11, 2001, and now the war in Iraq, are counting on a federal bailout. On Friday, a Senate subcommittee said it was considering a $2.8 billion aid package.'s

Eric Gillin examined the

airlines' financial plight in a story Thursday.