Pile Up the Sandbags

Cramer's got a feeling that the low of the day probably won't be the opening.
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Sandbags. Pile the sandbags. The market looks terrible. Are we ever in a good-day/bad-day mode.

For us, these

numbers that knocked the market so are simply more evidence of what we know: The economy is hot. Therefore, we have to endure more


saber-rattling and more jitters.

I would not be surprised if the


futures-sellers, who have been pushing their bets incredibly heavily, don't come in right here to try to knock the market right out of the box. (That's why they are so below fair value.)


Using those programs to pick my spots. The semis have been the hottest; they are ripe for profit-taking. I will take advantage of that profit-taking, stick some bids in and hope I get hit.

No heroes, though. Gingerly bidding down and betting that the low of the day may not be the opening.

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