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P&G Signals Trouble for Others -- No Matter What They Say

If this efficient, savvy company can't avoid passing on costs, how can the others?

I figured the


would cross the

Dow Jones

averages someday. But I figured the work would be done by the likes of


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to the long side, not

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to the short side!

As everyone continues to send me emails warning me about when the


disease is going to infect the healthy Nasdaq, I keep pointing out that the components of the S&P, away from tech, seem to be much the worse for wear.

Right now, all of the other companies that are being hurt like P&G are issuing statements saying they aren't seeing it or they can pass on their price increases.

Oh, give me a break! P&G is a really great company. If it can't pass on the costs, if it can't adjust, how are companies without the technological savvy of P&G going to get by?

Shortfalls: 1. Denials: 0.

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