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The company's recent weakness has complicated Cramer's drug-stock-buying strategy.
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Looks like


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better open a Web site -- and fast!

There's nothing like a conservative, well-managed company coming out with conservative, well-managed numbers on a day when we need some real promotion and hype.

Yeah, Pfizer makes it tougher because I want to buy drug stocks when no one wants them, and now nobody really wants them. I am using the weakness in Pfizer to buy other drugs that have products up for approval next week. It's frightening, which means it is probably right.

I would love to step up to buy more


stuff, but not until it retests that miserable down-25% low.

More importantly, I want to alert you to a bear watch. Selloffs like these usually don't conclude until you have 10 straight talking heads coming on to tell us "Yes, I told you so -- the bubble is bursting, and it's all over." I figure that starts at 2 p.m. today.

So when gloom-and-doomer No. 10 comes on, and when

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get recommended, I will feel better about committing more capital.

In a world of incredible uncertainty, that news cycle is something you can take to the bank.

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