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Why do I have this nagging feeling that somewhere in CyberVegas someone is making a two-way market in the over and under on this

Perot Systems

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? Yep, it has the feeling of an hourly over/under, 70, 55.

Whole parts of this market seem like that. I mean, who the heck is trading this Perot that a system that has worked for centuries, the stock market, doesn't work at all anymore? In fact, every day that this stock trades like this is another day where the old-timers must be thinking, What the heck?

Whatever happened to orderly markets? What are the online guys doing or doing wrong that the market can't handle the orders? Why are whole aspects of this market totally dysfunctional? And why do the

New York Stock Exchange

and the


act as if this is not the case and that it's business as usual?

I would love to hear from the people who trade this Perot what their experiences have been. Have you been denied good execution because of the frequent imbalances? Are you freaked out at all by that rogue trading? Make some sense of this.

Email me and let me know.

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