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Pay Attention to Mr. TV

Cramer learned years ago that if you know a negative piece is coming out, get out of the way until the smoke clears.
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Had to blow out of my Nokia (NOK) - Get Report this morning, even though I figured the Fins would finally figure out the darn conference-call gig and print a good number with a good outlook.

But my

GO Network

link shows that Brian Ross is doing a piece on cell-phone safety and radiation tonight on


and be darned if I am going to be fodder for that kind of report.

I learned years ago, when


(CBS) - Get Report

did a hatchet job on

U.S. Surgical

, bringing that stock down 10 points, don't mess with Mr. TV. If you know a negative piece is coming out, do the dance, get out of the way and come back in when the smoke clears.

Brian Ross is one of those investigative reporters I never mess with. He was willing to do a hatchet job on

Disney World



! This guy can't be bought.

Darn, and I thought I had a good one brewing on the long side with this NOKES.

Now I gotta pass.

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