Pay Attention, People!

Stocks that should have moved on news on Friday are seeing delayed-reaction activity today.
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What, did people take Friday off or something? Figure this litany out.


(AMZN) - Get Report

: We knew on Friday that it was going to move against


(EBAY) - Get Report

. But did either react? Nope, not until today.


(GLW) - Get Report

: really positive article in Friday's

Business Week

(which I read Thursday night online) and we get no pop at all. Today it is screaming.



: Analysts squawk that it won the big

(T) - Get Report

T contract on Friday. I buy some; nothing happens. I boot it. Today it ramps three on the news.

(CA) - Get Report

CA buys


(PLAT) - Get Report

? Heck, I know people who shorted the heck out of this darn Platinum for weeks on end, and pressed their bets on Friday. And now it gets a bid? Holy cow.



doesn't buy


and they both go up? Beats me!!!

Usually behavior like this, eye-off-the-ball, delayed-reaction trading, doesn't occur until the middle of the summer, when there are more traders on the 4:07 to East Hampton than there are at their turrets. It's completely befuddling that in the last week of March, when the Street should be at the top of its game, that these bizarre lapses are occurring. It makes the game harder, not easier. And much more frustrating.

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