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What a wild spring. In six short weeks, the


has gone from racing to a record of 5132 on March 10 to violently selling off during the second week of April.

News of a breakdown in settlement talks between


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and the

Justice Department

started the ball rolling downhill. More Microsoft news -- a wary analyst's report on April 12 -- accelerated the downward momentum, and a scary inflation report on April 14 sparked a vertiginous descent that took the Nasdaq down to 3266. Nobody escaped, but the highfliers in e-commerce, chips and communications suffered the most.

This week, the markets started climbing back. But after such whirlwind weeks, the editors of

figure it's a good time to look at major market sectors and see where they stand now -- and where they are headed. Our package is designed to help you catch up with the hyperspeed markets.

The Stories in the Package

Six Weeks That Shook the Markets: Where Do We Stand Now?

Sector by sector, TheStreet looks at how the wrenching tech selloff has changed the outlook for all stocks.

Economic Growth Likely to Continue

While the overall economy has thumbed its nose at the Fed, the risk of inflation could slow things down.

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Sagging Overseas Markets Could Dampen Hopes for Dot-Com Domination

The audacious acquisition of HKT by PCCW could be torpedoed by the drop in Hong Kong Internet stocks.

Internet Shakeout: B2C Stock Price Charts Hit the Slopes

While everyone's going downhill, some observers see opportunity in oversold, but solid companies.

Strong Earnings Could Hatch B2B Recovery

The recent shakeout might be beneficial in the long run.

E-Tails of Terror: Pure-Play E-Tailers Are Among the Hardest-Hit

Though most companies are lagging, the shakeout in this sector may be a necessary growing pain.

Chips Ahoy! Semis a Safe Haven in Stormy Seas

The world's growing reliance on computer chips may make for smooth sailing in this sector.

Burden of Proof Is on the Boxmakers

The sector's relative strength looks good, but boxmakers must prove they can maintain market share.

Software Stocks Limp Back Into the Race

Microsoft's troubles dominate a decidedly mixed market.

Investors Play the Bouncing Babies and the Network Newbies

Between the hot cycles in the telecom sector, investors try to pick the best of Old and New.

Time May Heal all Wireless Wounds

VoiceStream expected to rise again despite struggling stock.

Financial Firms, for the Most Part, Escape Tech-Sector Drubbing

An overriding fear of more interest-rate hikes will prevent a rally, however.

Avon Calling: Consumer Stocks Now a Refuge

A tug of war is seen between so-called growth and defensive stocks.

Biotechs Take a Chill Pill

While much of the once-hot sector fell sick with the rest of tech, drug stocks seemed fit as a fiddle.

Schwab Emerges From Online Broker Jungle

Diversifying has helped, which could be crucial with an expected trading dip from market drops, summer slowdown.

Brokerages Strained but Hardly Broke

Investors are watching the IPO calendar as a portent of the large investment firms.

Clouds on the Horizon Despite a Rise in Retail Sales

Lately, the retail sector has been tugged in more directions than Elian Gonzalez.