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Technicians who care about overbought and oversold readings must be going bonkers here with this move in the semiconductors.

One of the great trading adages is that an overbought group -- one that has gone up in a straight line as frantic buying overwhelms the supply -- is a dangerous group, ripe for a short-term fall. But the semiconductors, as represented by the


index, hasn't even blinked. It goes up every day. I lost my

Texas Instruments


in a


trade literally 8 points ago yesterday because I was concerned about the overenthusiasm that these stocks were showing (using the old methodology of scaling out of highly overbought situations).


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Message Boards. As this era rewrites the

rulebook on so many different areas of trading, I am wondering whether I shouldn't be


the most overbought, not selling.

Or, put another way, Bizarro could trade the semis better than I could right now.

Random musings:

This market is absorbing a ton of selling. Most of the big sell orders I have seen this morning have been lapped up by willing buyers, except in cases where word has it that an acquisition might be in the works (

Johnson & Johnson



American International Group


), even if I don't think it is true.

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