OK, let me get this out of the way before I forget. Do


send me any emails based on this column. In fact, much as I'd like to hear from you, don't send me emails right now based on



You know why? Because I'm going on a "boat trip" for a week, and I know, just know, that when I come back, I absolutely will not be able to even open my in-basket. And if I do manage to open it, the very first thing I will do is delete every piece of correspondence that's not from a) my editors, b)

Dave Kansas

, c)

Tiger Woods

or d)

Heather Locklear


My suggestion? Give me until a week from this Tuesday. Then, have at it!

OK, now that we have that out of the way, let me give you a tiny swim recap. The good: Diana had personal bests last week in the 50-yard and 100-yard breast stroke. Also, her medley relay team scorched the pool with a time that will probably rank it fifth in the country at season's end. The bad: Her goal of making the "Zone" team will have to wait another year. Plain and simple, she just got out-swum. Hey, it happens.

That's not to say I'm going to stand for it, though. Oh, heck no. She's gone. Up for adoption, and available to the first fine household that makes me an offer. I'll take money, of course, or even better, a straight-up trade for a 10-year-old who can do under one minute, 20 seconds in the 100-yard breast stroke! Hey, if my kids can't measure up, they're outta here!

And now that we're all clear on who's boss, let's do some charts!

Gary, Could you tell me how the LONG period of hibernation affects a stock (such as Planar Systems (PLNR) ) now that it seems to be moving. Can one equate time spent "flat" to predicting the level of rise? -- Charles Clayman


Great question, and I wish there were an easy answer. However, I've never seen a study on this, and have honestly never looked at it from that perspective. About the only thing I can offer is that there is usually a correlation between the


of congestion and the level of the rise. (See my columns on the

Go-Dog-Go and other measuring techniques.) As far as correlating length and the rise, I'm not certain there's anything there.

Mr. G, I'm a 19-year-old college student at the University of Miami and I wanted to get your opinion on a few of the stocks in my small portfolio (many work-study job hours have gone into putting this thing together). Your thoughts on VerticalNet (VERT) (which I own at 155), SDL (SDLI) (own at 205), Citrix Systems (CTXS) - Get Report (own at 50) and Sun Microsystems (SUNW) - Get Report (own at 72) would be great. But the stocks that I am least sure of are BEA Systems (BEAS) , Semtech (SMTC) - Get Report (picked both of these up after dips; BEA at 126 and Semtech at 65), RealNetworks (RNWK) - Get Report (own at 65) and Razorfish (RAZF) (bought halfway through recent drop at 40). Appreciate the help and I'll be reading your column (believe it or not, we college students do read in addition to playing Nintendo64). By the way, You're pretty fly for an old guy! -- Carlos Portu


I'm thrilled to be "fly." But, what's with this "old guy" stuff!

Gary, As an amateur at charting, I'd appreciate your looking at Phone.com (PHCM) in one of your columns. Looks to me like it finally broke out of a base which had been forming since mid-December by penetrating the 140 area. Do you agree, and if so, see an upside target? -- John Morrison

Gary, Would you please take a look at a chart of Titan (TTN) ? I've made pretty good money on this one the past six months, using my modified GBS Long Breakout strategy. TTN is obviously in a channel now. Would you ever trade a channel, waiting for a breakout (or a breakdown through support)? -- Stan Wilson

Gary, The chart on NeoRx (NERX) looks splendid, much like many other cancer-treatment biotech companies. Volume, momentum, linear regression and price movement appear picture perfect, based upon many charts you have reviewed over the last year. Do you reach the same conclusion? -- Don Ginsberg

Gary, I was wondering what you thought of Optika (OPTK) . It has taken off like a rocket and has retrenched on low volume -- my guess is it's going higher. What's your opinion? -- Todd J. Maushund

Gary, As a proud Lehigh Engineer, I appreciate your efforts to keep the nickname alive. Death to the Mountain Hawk!!! -- Walter Allen, '91 P.S. I'd love a Lucent (LU) chart if you could fit one in. I just bought in at 52 this week and not because the symbol is LU. Looks like a decent breakout with above.


I'm with you. "Engineers" had class. Mountain Hawk? Booorrrrring.

Gary, I have been watching Superconductor Technologies (SCON) - Get Report looking for a time to jump in -- I am hesitant to buy after the recent run-up -- what do you think of the chart? -- Ember Grummons

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