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Opening Up Shop in the U.K.

<I>TSC's</I> London-based sister site will create greater global news opportunities for our readers.
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LONDON -- An impressive aspect of the Internet is that it provides instant global distribution. As we have grown during the past couple of years, we have gathered readers from around the world. We receive email from Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Brunei and other countries.

And now we've decided to branch out and start serving some of these non-U.S. readers directly. As

announced over this weekend,

is going to launch a U.K.-based financial publication aimed at serving U.K. investors. Drawing from the same spirit that has helped make

successful, we intend to bring sassy commentary, strong analysis and scoops to readers interested in the U.K. market.

How will this impact readers of

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? It won't diminish what we're doing here in the U.S. We're going to continue growing, we're going to keep breaking news and we're going to keep delivering the hard-hitting, irreverent analysis that helps make you a wiser investor.

But investing is increasingly a global game. We've got writers in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Berlin and London already giving you the latest news from these markets. Our international team, working with our New York-based markets group, has led the way in identifying and analyzing the nascent recovery in Japan. And we've had stories related to the growth of Internet interest in Europe, the emergence of the euro and the debate about a possible devaluation of the Chinese currency.

Given our soon-to-arrive base in London, U.S. readers will get a richer helping of information related to the U.K. and Europe. In an investing climate where global understanding is increasingly important, this expansion marks our first step in delivering to you an even stronger array of news and information for your investing decisions.

From London to New York to Tokyo, we're going to hustle to give the best information. If you've got suggestions or ideas, feel free to email me at I'll make sure your issues get addressed.

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Dave Kansas