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Wait a minute, put that coat down --



just stank up the joint and we have to fumigate the PC positions.

Here is a classic collateral play. What is bad for Gateway

may not

be bad for everybody that competes in that space, but you know they will get sold down. These new after-hours trading folk are dumping their



and their


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and I wouldn't mind picking some up if you want to hit me! (At a discount of course!)

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Gateway is one of those companies I have always been loath to short. I like the stores too much. But it will be tomorrow's focus, unless

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still has some supporters after that unbelievable

Wall Street Journal

piece last year.

Tomorrow there will be two camps: Those who think the problems are Gateway-specific, and those who think that the problems are industry-specific.

I wish I could tell you where I am in the dichotomy. I guess it is safe to say that, because I like Compaq, I think it is Gateway-specific. But I am one who lets the facts get in the way of a good story. So let's wait and see.

Random musings

: Notice that imbalance in



? That was the bottom. It often is that way in panic imbalances, unless there is bad news on the company. This was just some aggressive selling and it is important to note the difference.

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