This time it is the OEX July 730 calls that have people glued to their screen. There were 12,500 contracts still open as of this morning. I doubt that the market can rally through that level, but some of the shorts are worried that the OEX could coattail off the 9% exposure it has to Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report.

It is Microsoft that is taking center stage in the options world, however. Everybody who was short the 'Soft July 95s -- 25,000 open contracts as of this morning -- got the head slam usually reserved for the dot-com world as the buyers of Mister Softee laid the July 95 call-sellers to waste.

(Remember, short people figured that this stock would not break out.)

Some are speculating that MSFT could go still higher, taking the OEX with it. I think that is wishful thinking.

But it is what people are focusing on, so I am talking about it. I don't like the odds of an OEX ramp into the close. Again, I am an innocent bystander and will not play OEX calls.

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