Once Again, Tech Says, 'Come Hither'

And investors obey the call.
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Helene's right. Tech makes the soft stuff vulnerable for a retreat. If people want tech they have to sell the defensive stuff.

But it shows you how crazy the market has become that they are also selling the auto stocks. In other words, the market is speaking in a forked tongue. It is not afraid of a slowdown so it is selling


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. But it is afraid of the slowdown so it is selling


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General Motors

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Amazingly, after all we have been through since March 10, tech is still the universal antidote. It is what people come back to when they think the economy is growing, not too fast to help General Motors but not too slow to help

General Mills

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. The


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well never seems to run dry. Nor does the


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well. Or the


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well. They cannot stay away. Which is why it is so dangerous to short tech (Kensey, are you still shorting


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up here?) and why it is so hard to leave it.

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