We like the pin action in the old-fashioned Net plays. We bought some Lycos (LCOS) when it was weaker off the European Lycos filing. We are impressed that America Online (AOL) seems to have lost that downside momentum. Maybe these older Net stocks just trade with the Dells (DELL) - Get Report and the Intels (INTC) - Get Report.

Whatever. But there was a virtual bear market in this group and it seems to have runs its course.

Throughout the day, we expect that individual stocks will retreat, but we like to take our cues from the action in the up stocks. It would be a gift if the


(CSCO) - Get Report




came down at this juncture. We don't expect the gift, but we would welcome it.

Random musings

: Under the title winners win, how do you like all of the good stuff



throws at you!

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