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Old Tech May Learn a New Trick

Now that Intel is on Goldman's buy list, the already-smoking semi sector could see some explosive action.

Intel goes on the buy list at


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surprises after the close. Looks like a good


number could throw gasoline on these tech embers.

Throughout the awful weakness in the Net stocks, the money has been pouring into the semiconductors, except

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. Now we shall see what happens when Intel gets on board. Virtually all of the semiconductors are smoking but nobody really believes a semi rally until Intel participates and the Goldman recommendation should take care of that. The action could be explosive because most options players had pretty much figured on a June 55 pinning for Intel. If it can get past 56 1/2, you could see some wild buying in the name as options short-sellers sprint to bring in their shorts, rather than battle the pain.

Of course, a negative CPI means we can't expect a giant rally from the get-go. But at least we know, on a not-so-good number, what can be bought: old tech.

For many of you the question becomes: Will old tech spill into new tech and, therefore, can you start buying the Net? For me, I don't like to overthink things. Why buy a derivative, when there are so many old tech stocks down from their highs to chose from? Sure, the Net managed to stave off another margin-call whacking, but why make the game so difficult?

Random musings:


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just does the number and they clobber it after the close. Seems like an overreaction to me. Tried to snare some in the badlands down 12 but no luck.

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