Moving away from the Net toward the


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and the


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. That's what we see happening. We think we could get a Net

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whoosh but we aren't tempted. Too much margin money. Those could be nifty buys in the late afternoon after the margin reaper takes his toll. Remember, I am hearing from all of these margin guys and they are telling me I am spot-on in my focus.

We are looking at things that opened up big and then caused massive heartache. Take



. Here is a stock that ran up four for some reason. Now it is down. We like that. It is a classic bad opening that makes everybody feel like they stepped on the Gravitron or the Zipper.

I have to think like my wife (who, by the way, laughs hysterically when she is on the Gravitron, particularly when she sees that I am about to puke) on these days. I have to buy the Gravitron'd sellers of old tech.

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