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Oil: A Renegade Commodity

We can't let it blur our vision toward buying hyper-growth stocks on weakness, Cramer says.
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There's always something that's not right. Earlier in the year, gold was rocking; that scared the bulls but good. Before that, there was a huge run in the cyclicals and the down-and-dirty commodities. Quite worrisome.

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message boards. Now it's oil. The moment crude dropped 25 cents, we were all over it, wondering whether to buy more


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, wondering whether to buy puts on the


, wondering whether the banks could turn.

We don't want oil to go up any further. It will make our long-side lives miserable going forward because it will begin to affect the producer and consumer prices. That means we will have

Big Bad Events that could derail us, as well as a


that will have to be more vigilant than we would like.

Still, I don't want to get into the habit of trading off these futures. They are not the stock market. They don't correlate with the stock market. I don't want to be spooked out of the market by them.

We must always worry about a renegade commodity. Its effect on the bond market is and will continue to be negative. But we must never allow it to blur our vision toward buying hyper-growth stocks on weakness. We know that the buyers of these stocks don't regard the fortunes of these companies to be bound by oil -- or interest rates for that matter.

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