Nothing like reorienting your entire day trying not to get smacked by tech. Right now I am on a Goldman Sachs conference call about crops, or, more specifically, the lack thereof because of a Midwestern drought.

Drought means higher prices. Higher prices means more farm equipment for the areas that don't have drought. More farm equipment means

John Deere

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could have a run. Deere is a quintessential nontech play, something that big money wants more than anything else right now.

I am sure that I will get email saying it is the bottom for tech when I am looking at Deere, but I have bad news for you, I have been looking at Deere all along. It's just that when things go wrong, like drought, I want to be ahead of the game and this stock has done nothing for years.

We are taking stock of Deere as I write. It is a pleasure to buy a stock that won't be listed in the lockup tables of

The Wall Street Journal


The New York Times


Random musings:

Congratulations to our

sister publication in the U.K. for its giant


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, our sister site in Israel, is currently in talks with


. Kudos to them!

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