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Obama Doesn't Know 'Whose Ass to Kick' for Oil Spill? Today's Outrage

President Obama's oil spill cussing routine is off the mark. What we really need is a president who recognizes a rallying moment for a new energy policy.



) --I am at an utter loss to understand how President Barack Obama can say with a straight face that he's still trying to figure out "whose ass to kick" over the

BP Oil Spill.

Doesn't Obama watch television? Or browse the Internet? Or look in any of the places where contrite-looking


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CEO Tony Hayward accepts full responsibility for cleaning up the mess his company is making of the Gulf Coast

There is no doubt in my mind that the president is feeling extremely frustrated and increasingly angry about how this spill is being handled. I don't blame him for lashing out and putting on extra outrage by talking about kicking someone's ass, but beyond being un-Presidential, his cussing antics come across as blatant posturing from a politican who carefully crafts every message he brings to the public.

What a wasted performance. As far as I can tell, most folks are focusing their growing resentment on BP -- and try as he might, Tony Hayward is currently losing the battle to prove that BP is a good company in a bad situation. The bottom line in all this is that BP is to blame along with its partners,


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Sure, Obama is taking some political heat. That goes with the job of being president of the United States. When a massive disaster of this proportion spins out of control for this long, people have time to start second guessing everyone and everything. And, of course, Obama's political opponents don't want to miss an opportunity to undermine his influence, especially after his perceived victories on health care and banking reform.

Ultimately, all this political finger pointing is misguided malarkey that isn't helping solve the problem. What should Obama do? Send in the Marines? Put Navy submarine commanders in charge? Banish BP from America?

Obama should know better than to be goaded by that kind of nonsense. The presidential cussing routine is completely off the mark. What we really need is a president who recognizes a rallying moment for a new energy policy that truly embraces other renewable resources that can balance our over-dependence on oil.

Who's to blame for the oil spill? Quite frankly, we all are. And now we have a clear idea of the real underlying cost of our oil addiction.

So what are we going to do about it?

Answering that question is a more worthy use of the presidential bully pulpit.

--Written by Glenn Hall in New York.

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