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Now They're a Little Less Red Hot

The closely watched index dropped 0.41 despite the valiant efforts of Juniper, which gained 10%.
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"ambitious microprocessor strategy" took a whack out of the semi Red Hots today, leaving the index down a tad, 0.41 to be exact.

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, which normally stand out when the SOX ramps as it did, got cracked for a field goal each.

Juniper's two touchdowns and a field goal (on the bid side) couldn't put the index in positive territory. (This index was made for sports analogies.) Although the buyers sure tried!

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, our two rookies that YOU elected to the team. (About 2,500 people voted on this, so that's what I call democracy in action.) When you think of hot, you might have thought about lava, or boiling oil, or Fahrenheit 451. Now you must think HLIT and ICGE.

Gratz to you, hot toddies!!

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