Now for the Analysts

When all is said and done, you still gotta listen to the spin on the Street.
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Alas, now the battle turns to the analysts as


calls other people who were on the calls to hear what they heard. We see who spins what, kind of like a debate. We don't know whether our view is right or not. Sometimes we are excited about something that makes other people uncomfortable.

For example, I am not amused at the little jokes or the funny history that


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provided. Others, however might like the breezy, blithe attitude. Too

Ben & Jerry's


for me, not enough


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. But Jeff thinks the call is more polished and less troubling than previous ones. Of course, we have to compare this one against others where they seemed almost to be making fun about those of us who care about losses and making them smaller rather than bigger.

It will be in Jeff's capable hands. I have to go to a

Goldman Sachs


Oops, there's some caution and some auction touting as I leave.



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