Split down the middle. That's how my parnter,

Jeff Berkowitz

, describes the crowd at the

Morgan Stanley

conference. Half of the portfolio managers are bullish as all get out, and half are living in total fear of the next preannouncement. Sometimes people have the polar opposite view of the same meeting!

For example, Jeff calls me after the


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meeting. The stock is up a buck and a half when he calls. "How is the stock?" he asks? Gee, I say, "acting great and they keep taking it."

Wow, he says, "pricing's not so hot -- I wouldn't chase it." Next thing you know, an hour later, the stock is down a point. The bears have taken it over.

Yep, the schizoid group out there can't make up its mind. That means we are in for some wild trading. I told Jeff I only wanted to hear "noncontroversial" tech stories. That was two hours ago. Haven't heard from him.


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