Noted Tech Writer Joins TSC

<I></I> welcomes Gary Krakow, who's covering this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Gary Krakow, an Emmy Award-winning commentator and technology expert, has joined as senior technology correspondent.

Krakow will be producing Web videos this week from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here's a

video Krakow did at the CES on


, and below is one he did about


new green phone.

CES '08: Nokia's New Green Phone

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Krakow has 34 years experience as a journalist -- the last 27 with NBC, and has seen the evolution of the best and worst technology. Krakow joined before it went online in July 1996, and he produced and anchored the first live Webcast of a presidential election in November 1996.

An Emmy award winner in the '70s, '80s and '90s, Krakow has a reputation as a gadget fanatic. Once he joined, he wrote a column to help feed his personal passion for gadgets of all types.

The column quickly became a major force in many electronics industries -- audio, video, photography, GPS and cell phones. Readership soared -- and manufacturers told him they had actual proof that a positive review in his column literally sold thousands of their products. Many electronics manufacturers have used quotes from his reviews in their sales literature as well as on their Web sites.

Krakow has spent 11 years pioneering technology journalism on the Web and will now share his expertise with the



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