Was the bad news in the stocks? These numbers this morning were nothing to write home about. But maybe they were part of the malaise that swept over the market these last few days.

We bought a lot of stock in the last two days on the weakness. On a day like today, we have nothing to buy unless something comes in. Maybe we will sell some stuff to those technically inclined who suddenly like the market!

Keep a close eye on the retailers. Everyody spoke up in favor of them after



kibosh. They will be an important tell of strength here.

Random musings:

Check out

Brett Fromson

on the

food stocks . This guy is writing stuff nobody else is writing. He demands a focus ... Strange headline, OK article about


(CSCO) - Get Report



. "Cisco's Margins Seen Under Pressure" says the header, but there is not much underneath. It got mentioned on TV, though. I hope someone sells it down so I can buy some.

Sun Microsystem's

(SUNW) - Get Report

Scott McNealy, one my personal favorites, dissed just about everybody in his industry last night at dinner -- everyone, that is,

save his clients

. How can you not love that guy?

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