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No Value Added Here

Cramer's not too pleased with the tech analysts.
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Don't these tech analysts drive you up the wall? We have the biggest down day in years in the


yesterday, and where are these guys? In their foxholes, shaking? In the bunkers, smoking cigarettes? How about in the rear echelons, the $%@^@^#$@$#, waiting for the all-clear sign provided by the


of the world with their inevitable buying?

Yep, some things never change. When the market is in free fall, these guys like to sit around in the palaces as we all get decimated -- talking real

Paths of Glory


But we get stabilization today. We get an end to the Nasdaq high-explosive incendiary bombing, and these guys will be all over us to buy these things.

No matter how many years I am in the business, it always amazes me that these weathermen always have to look out the window, wait to see no one out there with umbrellas and then come out, miraculously, and predict that the rain is about to end.

Value added? Wrong!

Random musings:

Only thing that has changed is that these bonds are still not our friends. But that's got more to do with


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than with


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. Tech


a strong economy; drugs hate it.

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