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No Saving Graces for the Banks

Cramer sees little but negative catalysts for bank stocks, so he's standing by his advice to avoid them.
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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote off the bank stocks on our TV show. I said just avoid them. Yesterday the producer of the show called; he wanted me to review some of the predictions I had made. I looked at the banks and said, "I am standing by that prediction."


Bank One


! You didn't let me down.

I am not using the weakness to buy these stocks. I need a catalyst to get long. Short rates have gone up. That's a negative catalyst. The yield curve is flattening. That's a negative catalyst. The credit-card business is getting too competitive. That's a negative catalyst. The mergers are over. That's a negative catalyst.

When I look at unfortunate groups, I can't come up with one more unfortunate than this one.

Take 'em off your screen.

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