No Lift for the Weary

The hatred for drug stocks just keeps on growing, Cramer says.
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The hate affair with the drug stocks knows no bounds. There was a time, not that long ago, when Pharmacia & Upjohn (PNU) would have ramped up today rather than get crushed under the onslaught of sellers.

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As I write this, someone is on TV saying that this is a "great, great sector," and I have to laugh. This sector is simply terminal right now. It is in the process of a massive


re-evaluation downward.

Remember, to understand the way mutual funds work, they view everything through the sector prism. Right now, they want to overweight the tech portion -- that's the winner -- and bolt from the loser segments, the financials and the


. The latter all have skulls and crossbones on top of their symbols right now.

It gets worse. Once the mutual funds are done with their poison avoidance, then the SPX gets rebalanced and the index funds jump on the tech and off the drug bandwagon.

Those of you who traded through the great unwind of the oil and oil-service stocks in the mid-'80s -- they were at one time a giant portion of the S&P -- know what I am talking about. Only this time it is more severe because there is much more money indexed than ever before.

In short, no lift for the weary. And continued good fortune for the blessed.

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