No flies on this one. Lot of stocks doing just fine, thank you, and the market shrugs off the personal computer jinx as if it were an unimportant sector!

This day is a paean to those who would hold onto their mistakes for better days. I was able to escape my


(HAL) - Get Report

and ditch some


(AA) - Get Report

, two positions that I thought that I might develop a Y2K problem about -- and I didn't feel naked without my PCs!

Even that lowly worm, the

Russell 2000

, lifted its slimy, boring head. And those banks. What can I say? This keeps up and the

New York Times

might have to write a story that says I am not a bum! Hoo-hah, pardners!

Random musings:

The curse of

Ron Insana

is broken. He did double duty today and the market rocked!

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