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Jim Cramer wants to entertain and educate "

Mad Money" viewers and readers not only about markets, but also about culture, history and literature. Take this week's "Mad Money" culture quiz to see if you are now, or have ever been a "Mad Money" fan. Check back every Friday for a new set of memory teasers.

(You'll find the answers at the end of the quiz. When you've finished, don't forget to

let us know what you think.)

1. In Cramer's segment about

dividend aristocrats culled from Stockpickr, he said he was about _____ and thanked _____.

    Paupers not princes, Mark Twain

    Cabbages not kings, O'Henry

    The raw not the cooked, Claude Levi-Strauss

    A breakfast of champions, Kurt Vonnegut

    2. Once again calling on the Bard, Cramer said that under a different outfit, the oil company now trading under


    (ROSE) - Get Rosehill Resources Inc. Class A Report

    , by any other name would still _____.

      TheStreet Recommends

      Smell too sweet

      Be too cheap

      Invoke Gertrude Stein

      Smell a little too much like schnitzel

      3. "The book! the book!"

      Jim Cramer's Mad Money: Watch TV, Get Rich

      , according to Cramer, was written by Cliff Mason and _____.

        The Mad Money Honey

        Shakespeare's Sister

        Sam Clemens

        50-Billion Cent

        4. During a segment about industrial outsourcer


        (HSC) - Get Harsco Corporation Report

        , Cramer mused that maybe the company could take back what _____ lost in China.

          "Vinegar Joe" Stilwell

          Robert McNamara

          Cool "Han" Luke

          John Patton Davies and John Stewart Service

          5. What did Cramer call a cheap, baby boomer vacation play?

            Wyndham Worldwide

            Nike's ( NIKE) Triathalon Training Camp


            RV maker Thor Industries

            Bonus: In addition to being the co-founder and largest shareholder of


            , Cramer said he is also the company's _____ writer.

              Least prolific

              Most obnoxious

              Best under 40


     holds a minority ownership interest in Stockpickr LLC and serves on its Member Committee. Jim Cramer is a director, co-founder and stockholder of

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