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Impact investing takes a twist with a new fund launched by Freedom Capital. The fund seeks to invest in companies that socially responsible funds shy away from.  That includes gun manufacturers, oil companies and defense companies, just to name a few. 

"Every investment has to stand on its own," said Jeff McClure, CEO and co-founder of Freedom Capital. "But I think as some of these investments have lost favor from the institutional capital markets, that doesn't mean they're not necessarily good investments." McClure has one guiding principle in finding a market opportunity. "It's any opportunity that we believe enhances the prosperity, security and freedom of the United States and its allies," he said.

McClure points out that there is $6.5 trillion invested in socially responsible funds, and Freedom Capital saw an opportunity to create a different kind of fund. "We view ourselves as an impact investor, just as the other six-and-a-half trillion dollars of capital that raises its hand and says we have an agenda. Perhaps ours is just a different choice," he said.

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Freedom Capital hopes to appeal to Conservatives, as opposed to conservative stock investors. The firm calls itself the first investment manager dedicated to Patriotic Responsible Investing. "We think that some of the decisions that some of this other capital has made is detrimental to the long-term health, prosperity and security of this country. And that there's millions of folks that would agree with that and would support that agreement with their money," said McClure.

"We don't know if our thesis that we think we should invest in things that support America rivals that six-and-a-half trillion, or is some maybe smaller portion," said McClure. "What we do know is that number is not zero."

Freedom Capital got the green light from the SEC to begin raising capital two weeks ago, and is hoping to raise $500 million for its initial fund over the next few weeks.