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subscribers mad as hell, and they're not going to take it any more. Or, at least that's the conclusion from the poll


ran on Netflix this past week. Through it, Netflix users have spoken, and they apparently want to be able to access their "Add to DVD Queue" from streaming devices.

The movie rental company created an uproar earlier this week when it announced on its blog that it was pulling the option from streaming devices like


Wii and




"We're removing the 'Add to DVD Queue' option from streaming devices. We're doing this so we can concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly. Further, providing the option to add a DVD to your Queue from a streaming device complicates the instant watching experience and ties up resources that are better used to improve the overall streaming functionality. This change does not impact the Netflix Web site, where most members manage their DVD Queues," the company said on the site.

Now users will have to head to their computers in order to update their queue -- and inconvenience that met a rather predictable backlash.

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An overwhelming majority of voters in this week's poll -- 82.2% -- said Netflix should leave the option to add DVDs from streaming devices, while just 16.8% believe removing the choice is a good idea.

Netflix's latest move has been criticized as yet another sign that the company is moving away from its DVD-by-mail business. Following its third-quarter earnings report, CEO Reed Hastings made clear the direction the company is heading. "By every measure we are now a streaming company, which also offers DVD-by-mail," he said during a call with analysts.

The biggest complaint from subscribers is that Netflix shouldn't be weaning users off physical DVDs until they perfect their streaming service. "As long as they get all the stuff that is on DVD streaming I am OK with it," one commenter said. "But there just isn't enough on the streaming now to hold my attention."

"You drop DVD mailing, I drop you," warned another user.

But there are some that say Netflix's choice to remove the queue option from streaming devices actually makes sense. "This is good because they need to work on the watch instantly," a commenter said. "Their stats show that most people don't get

DVDs through the mail anymore and want to watch more movies instantly. They are catering to their majority customers."

--Written by Jeanine Poggi in New York.

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