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Net Troubles Run Amazon-Deep

Cramer says the problems Internet stocks are facing today stem from Herb Greenberg's latest article.
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So we're making calls to find out what's wrong with the Net today, and all we get back is the same answer: Jeff Matthews'

slam of


. We get it from so many people that we begin to believe that

Herb Greenberg's

column might have that power.

What a conundrum! You have editors out there who would rather lose their jobs than admit that

has that kind of impact, but you also have people who live and breathe this stuff telling us that the Amazon trashing is hammering the whole Net, since Amazon is still the beacon people follow.

Sometimes we ourselves don't even know our power. Last week's Richard Belluzzo

story by

Adam Lashinsky

set off a massive run in

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that not even's

markets people flagged. Maybe it will be the same with this Amazon call, but I am getting too much feedback from people not in's

loop about this.

This is certainly good for subscribers. They benefit while others just hear about this stuff. It's bad for the rest of the media, though, because it will soon become obvious that those guys refuse to report the real news. Oh, great --


is now saying that its own partner

Alan Abelson

is causing the weakness...

What a world!

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