Nasdaq Crushed, Dow Slammed as Broad Selloff Ends Week

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It never stopped for a moment.

The selling in

Nasdaq Composite Index

the week of April 10 was unrelenting. Day after day, sector by sector, the Comp continued its retreat.

After widespread weakness

Monday and


Wednesday's selloff began with bad news about personal computer

demand and its effect on


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That, in turn, prompted big declines in

Dow Jones Industrial Average



(IBM) - Get Report




, which, along with Microsoft, slammed the Dow down by 161.95 points -- despite a big run-up in financial stocks. And the Nasdaq plummeted 286.27, or 7.1%, to 3769.63, its first sub-4000 close since January and 25.3% down from its March 10 high.

After a rough

Thursday, Friday's hot

Consumer Price Index spurred even worse carnage. The Nasdaq collapsed 355.51, or 9.7%, to 3321.27, its lowest close since December. That left it down 25.3% in a single week and 34.2% below its high. The Dow plummeted 617.78, or 5.7%, to 10,305.77. Both indices suffered their worst one-day point declines ever, as did the

S&P 500


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