Name Dropping

In the world of venture capital/stock investing, those at a loss for words can always describe a new play as a cross between two winners.
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"You know, it's kind of like




Blue Mountain Arts


"It's a cross between


for email and



for customer acquisition."

"It's son of







Welcome to the new world of venture capital/stock investing, where the talk sounds like the dialogue of

The Player

, a movie where everyone was trying to find the latest cross breed of success.

These days there are so many

B2B plays and B2C plays that it is hard to distinguish yourself above the din. You have to be able to explain your concept in seconds, in a way that is clearly understandable to those in the industry who know what has good box office. A simple, "it's a cross between





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" will often provide just the kind of recognition that gets the body interested.

Yes, it has come down to


-speak. We don't know which ones will win, but we know that one that can be explained in the context of other winners at least has a chance to be more than stillborn.

But be careful. When you hear that something has the "viral" growth of



with the "traction" of

Portal Software


and the stickiness of


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, you may be talking about the Bubonic Plague!

Random musings

: What the heck has gotten into


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Home Depot

(HD) - Get Report

? It is like some mutual fund manager had a really good shopping experience this weekend ... or maybe, just maybe, everyone is reading

Helene Meisler and taking instant action.

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