NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- A quote from Page 2 of Jonathan Blum's Tuesday article, Digital Royalties Will Stay a Royal Investor Pain:

Pandora pays what we think is a fair market rate, but Sirius XM pays below that rate. And FM radio pays nothing at all. Those rates may change in the future, but unless you spend real time understanding the nuance of how this un-level playing field works, it's easy to get lost in how those rates will evolve (bold emphasis added).

How in the world those words, particularly the bolded parts, spewed from the mouth of


President Mike Huppe, did not get picked up and injected with a viral strain by the headline-spewing media is beyond me:






Un-level playing field


This comes from a guy I would place as one of the less oppressive cogs in the broad music industrial complex. But nobody pulls what he said from the above-linked article and runs with it? This behavior would shock and surprise me

if it wasn't so universally accepted and commonplace


Before you tell me SoundExchange is a non-profit -- that they're merely a middleman between folks due performance royalties and those who spin or play songs -- take a pause.

You know full well that the more toxic factions of the music industrial complex --


, the


, the major labels -- don't like hearing this type of sane and rational logic from a guy they would expect to be firmly planted on their "side." They have no time for the nuance and complexity Huppe refers to. They prefer simplistic rhetoric, Bushian

good vs. evil

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dialogue and the continuation of viral, but completely misleading headlines such as:

Pandora Played My Song 12 Million Times, All I Made Was $14.72 and Tim Westergren Kicks Dogs and Tapes Worms to Sidewalks While Selling Stock Options


They would prefer Huppe serve as just another mouthpiece, just another shill for the status quo -- like hack media outlets such as

Digital Music News

-- and the creation of dichotomy that prohibits progress in this incredibly complicated issue.

Credit to the SoundExchange president for not succumbing to the direct or indirect pressure of an industry that, by refusing to wake up and embrace the complexity and the workings of a new world, might squander

the unprecedented potential that sits squarely in front of it


By the way, with Pandora earnings on deck Thursday, I hope you read

this article

published prior to this week's almost inevitable dip back below $30.

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Written by Rocco Pendola in Santa Monica, Calif.

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