People laughed last week when


David Faber broke the story about how

Rupert Murdoch's

News Corp.

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might buy

General Motors

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. But I didn't. I think it would be a brilliant move. Here's why: Murdoch would get sole ownership of

Direct TV

, which he needs rather badly. In fact, he couldn't care less about the car company. He could spin that off. But the satellite division would be a gem for him because right now many cable companies don't carry his

Fox News Channel

and some of his other


programming. Murdoch could even do a whole business channel if he owned a satellite company, and it wouldn't be ignored because it could be among the first few channels loaded onto the box that comes with the satellite.

Without it, the growth of News Corp. will be stunted in the U.S. because many of the cable companies don't seem to want to "play ball" with Murdoch's team. Whole important cities are denied


programming. Either the price of carriage (the technical term for running a network) for News Corp. is too high, or the cable companies, for example,

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, simply aren't interested in carrying



Let me explain how much owning a dish company could help. You could make the first four channels


channels. Right now,

Fox News Channel

tends to be odd numbers all over the map -- if it's carried at all. Can you imagine how much money could be saved if News Corp. was able to advertise nationally: "Watch Channel 1 for

Fox News Channel,

the No. 1 news channel!"? I bet that would easily offset the cost of literally giving the dishes away. And if you gave the dishes away, you could have a shot at upending the cable companies that won't carry your programming. It would be a real coup.

I've thought about this idea a lot, since our show is carried on

Fox News Channel

. So, I have my fingers crossed that Faber, who is more accurate than just about every other mergers and acquisitions reporter out there (he refused to go with the bogus stories about


being desperate for a suitor because I told him they had no basis in fact; nobody else even bothered to check it out with the largest shareholder before they ran that false speculation), may know something. If News Corp. gets the satellite division, it would be huge upside for


. Without it, well, you draw your own conclusions.

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