What happened to AT&T (T) - Get Report? Same thing that happened to Lucent (LU) ! Maybe it is something in that mid-Jersey water. It makes people overpromise and then, when they do, underdeliver.

Understand that UPOD -- underpromise and overdeliver -- is the true mantra of business, which is why I was always UPODed during the days when I used to go into

Motley Fool


When you overpromise, like Armstrong did at AT&T and like Rich McGinn did at Lucent, you get slaughtered. Armstrong in particular made a lot of promises that, in retrospect, shouldn't have been made.

In fact, some of the AT&T selloff today reflects a growing disillusionment with Armstrong's take-no-prisoners style of management. Some of us here are wondering whether the TNP attitude extends to the customer!

Whatever. The lesson here is that if Armstrong hadn't promised the moon he wouldn't be blaming the stars right now.

Good lesson!

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