Most-Searched Stocks: Citigroup

AIG, which is being sued by its former CEO Hank Greenberg, also makes the list.
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Washington officials Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner try to spur bank lending with TALF.

Financials still lead the way with


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. The big bank is trying to create joint ventures with third parties as a way to reduce its behemoth size without selling assets.


also announced that it will give recently

unemployed home owners

temporary relief on their mortgage payments.

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Bank of America

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is next on the list with the stock swinging to the upside today after the government rolled out TALF. Investors hopeful that this long awaited

$200 billion credit

infusion will spur consumer and small business spending.

General Electric

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makes the list as the stock price continues to plummet even as

insider buying

ramps up.

Next is


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. Ben Bernanke saying today that no other situation has made him

more angry

"than the one at AIG." Former CEO, Hank Greenberg, seems to agree now that he is suing the company arguing that it misled investors.

Wells Fargo

(WFC) - Get Report

is on this list as

investors worry

it might be next on the chopping block following its disastrous peers,






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is next. This financial is a buy for Cramer in his Action Alerts Plus Portfolio. He believes a big rally will come and to buy the stock at $20. You can trade with Cramer every day, e-mail for a

free trial


Buffet Watch continues with

Berkshire Hathaway


. The company just reported its worst year ever and now announced that a handful of the 77 operating companies it controls

reduced their workforce

in 2008, the majority of losses came from manufacturing holdings.

Next up is


(MCD) - Get Report

's. Jim Cramer says on


that this is a good defensive stock that can help you stay in the game. It also has a growing presence in China that could help increase its growth rate. The company currently named a new CEO in the country.


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makes the list after reporting that it replaced 121% of oil it produced last year. Company also slashed its short-term oil and gas production growth target.



(DRYS) - Get Report

rounds out the top 10 list after the company

announced updates

regarding the sale of two vessels.

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