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More Market Imperfection

Cramer looks at recent action in eBay.
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The lag in this market is frightening. Didn't everybody know that


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was down? I must have heard it a hundred times today and seen it twice that amount.

But it wasn't until


announced what I thought everyone knew that the proverbial bid hit the fan. (Can you imagine if someone had told

Maria Bartiromo

? Can you imagine what she would have done with her 9:30 spot, where she regularly moves stocks 2 or 3 points, if she had this call?)

How can the market be so imperfect? How could the buyers of eBay -- and were they ever buying it this morning -- be oblivious to this Achilles' heel as they took stock up to 95-97. Don't they use the darn thing?

Of course, maybe they were thinking that eBay has an analyst meeting Monday and that it will all be glowing. Maybe they think that the Net is finished going down. Maybe they don't even care!

Whatever the reason, it sure makes the game tough. Now will people blame

Sun Microsystems

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for the problem so I can buy some of that at cheaper prices?

Why not?

Gee, this market can be stupid. Now watch these jokers take

American Home


on that bad Fen-Phen news to make my life even tougher!

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