Inventories for paper and wood didn't fall big. What's the big deal?

If that's the question you are thinking, you haven't seen enough soft-landing scenarios.

It is a big deal


When the economy is as strong as it has been, the bulls begin to grasp on anything. The most sensitive number out there is inventory of heavy-duty paper and paper-related products. You want to see a low inventory number if you are a producer. Low inventory means good news for cyclicals. High inventories? Bad for cyclicals. We had a bad-for-cyclicals number this morning. If this piece were part of a cyclicals clinic, I would say, "From this number, the economy is slowing, so shift into growth stocks and

The Stocks Everybody Loves."

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Get used to hearing the phrase "soft landing." I heard it for about 3,000


points after 1989, and another 3,000 points after 1992.

I can't believe I am the first to use it this time.

Makes me proud.

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