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Monday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the best posts from the blogosphere.
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The blogosphere yawned over the Republican debate on Univision last night. But Rudy Giuliani's appearance on Sunday's Meet the Press did receive a ton of coverage. Nothing really newsworthy occurred, but the fact that Giuliani was interviewed on a network other than Fox reveals he's feeling the pressure of his numbers collapsing in the polls.


The GOP debate on Univision bored

Captain Ed. He thinks the candidates played nice in the hopes that they wouldn't continue to aggravate Hispanics with immigrant-bashing.

Jonathan Martin writes that Giuliani survived a tough time on Sunday's

Meet the Press

with Tim Russert. Giuliani dodged some difficult questions by using humility and humor.

Nicolle Belle at has a different perspective on Giuliani's appearance on

Meet The Press

. She posts a clip from the show where Giuliani answers questions about arranging police protection for Judith Nathan, who is now his wife, long before the public knew about their affair.


Digby rages about the

recent revelations that Democratic leadership was complicit in the U.S.' harsh interrogation tactics. Digby focuses her ire on Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D., W. Va.), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and Rep. Jane Harman (D., Calif.).

Steve Benen wonders why in the heck anyone would make Sen. Hillary Clinton's (D., N.Y.) choice to wear pants an issue in the campaign. This comes from the same author who mentioned Clinton's cleavage. This story got posted in the A section of

The Washington Post

. Inane.


John Aravosis posits that President Bush might have approved the leak of the CIA video tapes that purportedly show CIA agents waterboarding terrorism suspects in 2003 to embarrass Pelosi, given that she raised no objections to the practice when she was briefed on it in 2002.

Christina Page blogging at The Huffington Post wants to know what right-to-life candidates think about access to birth control. Page cites studies showing that contraception prevents abortions and has overwhelming public support.

Michelle Malkin writes with an agenda. She notices the shooter in one of yesterday's church shootings in Colorado was killed by a female security guard. Malkin argues that this is an example of a "culture of self-defense," which she says we need in these violent times. I would argue instead that a security guard performed her job and just happened to be a woman.

Adam at analyzes some recent polling data. He finds some trends that people might not expect, including Clinton faring the best among the Democratic candidates in head-to-head matches with GOP candidates and McCain faring the best against individual Democrats.

Robert Farley looks at an important message from the last 10 years: Nuclear nonproliferation can be negotiated. He includes examples of Libya, North Korea and Iran.