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Monday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's posts from the blogosphere.

So much happens out there in the blogosphere that the mainstream media doesn't cover. I decided it would be great to bring you the Top 10 blog posts that I've read. I hope you will like it. Please feel free to suggest great blogs I might be missing.


Erick at discusses the "split" between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives in the GOP. He suggests it's time to rally behind a candidate -- even Rudy Giuliani wouldn't be bad.

Steve Benen at

Talking Points Memo makes the case there will be no Mitt Romney-JFK moment where he downplays Mormonism. He says the GOP doesn't want to hear about the separation of church and state.

Jim Geraghty at

National Review

Online covers the strange fight between Republican contenders who bash each other for the right to be the real "Republican" in the race. It's not helping Sen. John McCain or Romney.


Marc Ambinder continues analyzing the Kyl-Lieberman memo on Iran, and the argument between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Segment two is

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Andrew Sullivan wonders whether Bill Clinton "got" to John Lewis to switch his support from Sen. Barack Obama to Hillary. Her big lead puts pressure on the party to get in line backing her.

Taylor Marsh delves into the details of the Turkey-Armenia genocide resolution and its implication for America's future with Turkey. What is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doing exactly?


Kevin Drum discusses Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez and his recent disavowing of Bush's handling of the war in Iraq. He focuses on whether Sanchez also blames the press for not asking the tough questions.

Thinkprogress reports that Sen. Dick Durbin believes there shouldn't be immunity for telecom companies until we know what kind of wire-tapping occurred.

Scarecrow at suggests that if Al-Qaeda in Iraq has been so crippled, then why isn't the U.S. withdrawing from Iraq? The AQI story has always been a red herring for why we are in Iraq -- think oil contracts.

Ezra Klein thinks "the end" of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty presents a big problem for American security. Why would the Bush administration kill our best tool to fight the spread of nuclear weapons?