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is at all-time highs, but most of the components are down significantly on the century. I believe the

worst Dow stocks of the 21st century

are all in deep value territory, suggesting the Dow could go a lot higher.

World Beta does a detailed analysis of the

Harvard vs. Yale


Tales of the Zoo summarizes the

worst stock market crashes

in U.S. history.

The top current

merger-arbitrage situations

, with analysis.

Information Arbitrage makes the point, and I might agree, that



a culture problem

right now.

Marc to Market is sticking with the

consumer plays

. All-star analysis.

Controlled Greed makes the case for


(EBAY) - Get Report

as a

value play


Quantum Trading Strategies gives a portfolio and analysis of its

top picks

that are catalyst-driven growth at a reasonable price mixed with deep value.

John Rutledge is about to become

supreme ruler of China


StokBlogs is


on student-loan provider

First Marblehead



Startup Review has a great

case study


Greenfield Online

( SRVY).

Where Is the Yield gives the textbook case for


(INTC) - Get Report

as a

dividend play


Finally, some common sense when it comes to the question: will we ever

run out of oil



was actually pretty hard for me.

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