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Misery Gets Company

Today's market is as depressing as today's weather, Cramer says.

When my daughter and I attended science night at her elementary school a fortnight ago, one of our assignments was to build a stack of dominoes so high that it was taller than a yardstick.

My daughter gently put one domino on top of another. She thatched them so they would stay strong. But each time they got to the 12-inch mark, they collapsed.

At the conclusion of the event, the instructor asked why the stack kept collapsing, no doubt seeking an answer that involved weight and scale and physics.

My daughter whispered to me a better answer: "Daddy, we put on one domino too many each time."

She ought to be an equity syndicate!

Yep, looks like we are saturated. I am trying to figure out whether the selloff is just like the one on the Monday when I went to the islands --

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Monday in my house, named for my phone's failure to work from the St. Martin airport -- about a month ago. That horrible day would be a bullish analogue because some sectors held in. Today all but the utilities and a smattering of cyclicals are being ripped apart.

I would tell you to go for a walk, but it is the most miserable day of the year. So let's just sit and enjoy the pain together, knowing that misery loves company.

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