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Minnesota Teen Arrested in Copycat Blaster Worm Case

An 18-year-old in Minnesota was arrested by the FBI in the release of a variant of the Blaster, or LoveSan, worm.

An 18-year-old Minnesota youth was arrested today in connection with the release of a variant of the so-called Blaster Internet worm, according to wire service reports.


Associated Press

reported that Jeffrey Lee Parson, of Hopkins, Minn., was arrested at his home by FBI agents. Parson allegedly copied the worm and infected 7,000 computers with it.

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The copy supposedly released by Parson was a later variant of the Blaster, or LoveSan, worm, which earlier this month infected about 500,000 computers worldwide, shutting down Maryland's motor vehicle department for a day, among other outages. Computer security experts said the original Blaster infection was one of the largest ever.

Parson's copy attacked two days after the main Blaster release, according to the wire service. The worm took advantage of a flaw in


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Windows operating system, instructing infected computers to attack a Web site operated by the software company.