NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- It has been over a year since I last looked at MicroFinancial (MFI) , a specialized commercial finance company providing equipment leasing and other financing services mostly for smaller equipment. When I first discovered the company my thought was that the charts showed a lot of potential.

Many small firms such as MicroFinancial fail to perform, but this one has -- doubling in a little over a year. Yesterday it broke out of a three-month trading floor on earnings.

But before looking at the shorter term, look at the long-term chart. Microfinancial is over the highs posted in 2007 at this juncture and that area now becomes support.

Although this is a thinly traded stock, the volume expanded nicely on the breakout making the trend confirmed bullish. In fact, this stock is confirmed bullish across all three time frames. That's a nice place to be. It signals continued strength.

Now that price is over resistance on this time frame you can pull the chart back further and see where it might be headed next. Would you be surprised if I suggested another doubling?

I have no idea if the company will be able to realize such a move in another year, but they clearly are clicking on all cylinders right now and you can't rule it out. Besides, I'm seeing restlessness on the part of shareholders who are petitioning the company to unleash more value that's locked up in the company.

On the weekly chart the swing point high is in the process of being removed. We will have to see if volume expands sufficiently to argue for a continue move. So far it appears that it will.

All in all, the company is performing and the charts are as well. The only problem is that I wish I had more shares.

Thanks for listening and until next time, just keep trading the charts!

At the time of publication, Little owned shares of MFI, though positions can change at any time.

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