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Micro Devices, Micro Importance

Cramer's frustrated by the media attention AMD's getting -- especially when Yahoo! reported a beautiful quarter.
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Can you figure out what's with these old-media types and

Advanced Micro Devices

(AMD) - Get Report

? The story gets A-3 status in

The Wall Street Journal

and big play in

The New York Times

. Meanwhile,



, which reported a stunning quarter, gets relegated to the back pages as if it's somehow unimportant.

When will the media realize that AMD is simply an unimportant company and that Yahoo! is incredibly important? When I see this disparity in ink, it reminds me of how blind most of these dead-tree folks are to the importance of the Net. The Net may be the fixation of the nerdy sections in the back of both papers, but when it comes to what matters, we get this focus on a ne'er-do-well semi-competitor of


(INTC) - Get Report


We have to get some new blood at these older media shops. I see this bias constantly, whether it's with the

S&P 500

, which has almost no Net in it, or the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

, which somehow prefers to measure


(S) - Get Report



(GT) - Get Report


America Online


, Intel,


(AMZN) - Get Report



(MSFT) - Get Report

and Yahoo!. (I don't give a darn about that

Nasdaq 100


New York Stock Exchange



Random musings:

No follow-through. Yep, I can see the copy as clear as day:

Wall Street failed to follow through today, as the market tumbled 40 points after a one-day run-up following the Fed's bias-tightening. It was a bloody session, with blue-chips ranging from IBM (IBM) - Get Report to General Electric (GE) - Get Report getting clocked.

I'm really shakin'



board has kept me from bottom-fishing in



. Maybe that company's just the

Barnes & Noble

(BKS) - Get Report

of the food-store business!

Antitobacco lawyers have done it again. They have filed a case against



in the state where it all began, Mississippi. That was the state that led the tobacco companies to give in. Next thing you know, they will enlist the state's attorneys general in this battle, get them to help foot the bill and build the publicity case. Unbelievable. Good luck, HMOs -- you will need it!

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