Matt Jacobs

: Eat my dust! Yep, today I have vaulted past my lagging junior associate with my

B2B portfolio, which has now jumped 42% in four weeks. Matt "Piker" Jacobs lags with a 35% return.

And whom do I have to thank for my lapping of the man once known as "B2B" Jacobs?

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Commerce One


, of course. Its 181% gain, coupled with the short squeeze in



, which has moved that sucker up 111%, and the 101% rally in



(which I am long), pretty much sums up why I am B2B King in our office. That sure beats guessing who is going to win the

Federal Express/USF&G/3Com

Kumquat Bowl!

Speaking of ridiculous outsize returns, how about those

Red Hots, which today went over the 100% return mark from when Matt Jacobs created that index. Now, there's a smart return, and it was done


Commerce One and


the dreaded

Copper Mountain



Extreme Networks

(EXTR) - Get Report

, both of which committed the unfathomable sin of being



Oh yeah, I have received some email this morning warning me that my incessant chatter about these stocks will lead to no good. For those of you who feel that way, here is my stone-cold list of stocks that you wish I would highlight:

Philip Morris

(MO) - Get Report



(DL) - Get Report



(BFO) - Get Report


Hershey Foods

(HSY) - Get Report



(BMY) - Get Report





Glaxo Wellcome



Bank One

(ONE) - Get Report


Bank of America

(BAC) - Get Report


US Airways Group

(U) - Get Report





Ahhh, do you feel better now? More reassured? More grounded? More diversified? Good for you. Give me Commerce One -- any day.

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