Not only does Meg Whitman think Donald Trump would be a bad president, but she's not convinced on his business record, either.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) - Get ReportCEO said in an appearance on CNBC with Jim Cramer Wednesday that "the jury's out" on whether the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is a good businessman. The comment prompted a laugh from Cramer, who later discussed Whitman's remarks while speaking with TheStreet at the New York Stock Exchange.

"The jury's out? When does it come back? He's 70. Do juries come back when he's like 90?" he joked. "That's a damning verdict in itself without a jury."

Trump frequently touts his business credentials on the campaign trail and cites his private-sector savvy as a main reason he will be able to "make America great again," as his campaign slogan promises.

"He's a great businessman, because, of course, you know, when you think of Trump, you think of 'The Apprentice,' Trump, you look at all those buildings, Trump Tower, Trump this," said Cramer. "[Whitman] said the jury's out on whether he's a good businessman. Well isn't that the same as saying he's not? Trump is running as the business guy."

Whitman's aversion to Trump may be tied, in part, to his anti-trade rhetoric and promise to get tough on trade with countries like Mexico and China. An anti-trade President Trump would hurt many companies, including Hewlett Packard Enterprises, which last year announced a multi-billion-dollar deal with Chinese subsidiary Unisplendour Corporation.

"She's obviously saying that if Trump gets in, that's going to be over," Cramer said.

Whitman, a well-known Republican who made her own foray into politics with an unsuccessful gubernatorial run in California in 2010, has made it no secret that she is no fan of Trump.

She has in the past called the billionaire businessman a "dishonest demagogue" who would "sink this country into a recession" and slammed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's endorsement of him as an "astonishing display of political opportunism."

"I just don't think he is the right person to be president of the United States, and I think his policies around free trade will be damaging to business as a whole," Whitman said Wednesday.

"She had been on record when Trump was one of a larger field that he would be bad for business," said Cramer. "This is the first time I've heard her say that he's basically a not great businessman."